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      About Hwabao WP Fund


Powerful Shareholders

Hwabao WP Fund Management Co., Ltd. started its business on February 12, 2003. It is amongst the earliest joint venture fund management Companies in China, as well as the earliest ones that are established by a domestic trust company and a foreign asset manager.

Hwabao Trust Co., its domestic shareholder, is an indispensable member of Fortune 500 Company——Baowu Steel’s financial development strategy. With a registered capital of RMB 1 billion, Hwabao Trust CO., is a top player in the finance industry in terms of investment performance and asset quality.

Warburg Pincus, its foreign shareholder, is a world leading private equity investing group with over 50 years’ experience in the industry. The firm has more than $44 billion in private equity assets under management. Its active portfolio of more than 150 companies is highly diversified by stage, sector and geography. Warburg Pincus is an experienced partner to management teams seeking to build durable companies with sustainable value. Having set up its Hong Kong office in 1994, Warburg Pincus is among the first international private equity management institutions to invest in China. So far, its investment in China has totaled over 8 billion US dollars, involving nearly 100 enterprises.

Committed to developing China’s financial market, Warburg Pincus and Baowu Steel Group are working tightly together to usher in a new journey and to build an innovative, diversified as well as international asset management company.

Well-established corporate governance

Hwabao WP has established scientific corporate governance which is introduced from America and well adapted to Chinese practice as well.

With maximum portion of independent directors--4 respected experts specialized in finance, accounting and law from renowned universities or international firms-- in the board of 9, Hwabao WP prevent related-party transactions with its shareholders and achieve perfect balance within the board, monitor the management in terms of compliance with contractual obligations and legal regulations, improve the internal control mechanism and protect interests of unit-holders.

Return trust with diligence and professionalism

Being grateful to investors’ trust and support, and holding “interests of unit-holders are given superior to that of shareholders ”as its tenet, Hwabao WP regards the protection of interests of unit-holders as its utmost priority, and bears in mind its social responsibility and commitment.

Holding “creating values with professionalism, returning trust with diligence” as its core corporate values, Hwabao WP believes that the best way to pay back unit-holders is to keep the asset secured and add value for the investors.

Hwabao WP advocates “respect culture” in its operation: respect customer’s demand, offer intimate and hospitable service; respect market principles, seize opportunities and manage asset steadily; respect other fund companies, fairly compete and share China’s economy growth; respect employees, bond elites staffs and create team work atmosphere.

Elite team and ambitious goal pursuit

“Team building, Personal achievement, Growing together”, Hwabao WP attracts an elite team consisting of talented local and global professionals .The team is professional, young and ambitious, 63% employees received master or higher degree, average age is 31.

Our investment and research team has profound investment experience in both domestic and international capital markets, as well as deep understanding of China’s capital markets. Through independent and foresighted research, the analysts’ in-depth studies provide strong support for investment. All fund managers received master or higher degree and had over 8 years working experience in the securities industry. Their professional, diligent and discreet work is the guarantee for their optimized fund performance.

With the stable core management team, strong and professional investment and research team, innovative spirit, and intimate cooperation between Chinese and foreign shareholders, the company is endowed with advantages of both internal cohesion and external competitiveness.


Hwabao WP Fund Management Co.,Ltd. 58/F Shanghai World Financial Center,100 Century Avenue,ShangHai,China 200120

TEL:+86 21 38505888Office Fax:+86 21 38505777Hot Line:400-700-5588Customer Service Fax:+86 21 38924555


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